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Manuel Romero
Licensed Guide

Hornbostelgasse 11/16 - A-1060 Wien
Tel.: (43-1-) 913 80
06 - Fax: (43-1-) 408 82 95-90
Handy (int'l): 0043 664 20 69 360 - (in Österreich:) 0664 20 69 360

E-Mail: manuel.romero@chello.at

I have been active as a licensed Vienna City Guide since 1978, experiencing the changes that international tourism has undergone during these last two decades. For me each visitor has been a valuable personal experience: It is a real delight that I could meet so many people who really enjoyed their stay in this charming city, Vienna, and actually infected me with their enthusiasm when they said at the end of their trip that they have the desire to come back.

Among those whom I had the pleasure to introduce our local history in an amusing atmosphere of infotainment, are the former President of Mexico, Miguel de la Madrid, the former Head of the Spanish Government, S.E. Calvo Sotelo, General Bethoaurt (commander of the French army during the occupation of Austria 1945-55), high dignitaries who joint the local conferences of United Nations, members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Austria, journalists and travel organizers invited by the Vienna Tourist Board, and, of equal importance, many ladies, gentlemen, young persons and kids who certainly keep a joyful remembrance of our city still today.

Some of my special topics for guided tours are: 
· Austro-Spanish relations during the ages, 
· Vienna's fin-de-siècle, 
· visiting the countless places of Vienna's musical heritage, 
· music in the Habsburg court, 
· the Baroque age in Vienna, 
· Biedermeier, lifestyle of Vienna in the early 19th century, 
· Vienna's modern architecture (20th century), 
· the ambiente in Vienna's cafés, and much more.

I am also pleased to offer you guided tours to many famous locations in the provinces of Austria, such as Lower and Upper Austria or Salzburg.

My languages are: Spanish (native speaker, born in the 1950s in Colombia), Portuguese, Italian, English and, of course, German.

E-mail contact: manuel.romero@chello.at

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